Auction Estimates & Valuation:

Steps to go about consigning works to Alturaash:

First, request an auction estimate, and see if your artwork is suitable for Alturaash’s sale which would require you to follow the following steps:

  1. Share clear/high-resolution color images (front, back, and detail of signature or maker’s mark) - A detailed description. (A minimum of three images)
  2. Mention the medium/material, dimensions, and caption of the artwork (if known).
  3. Authenticity Papers mentioning the provenance (the history of the artwork and how it was acquired) - Artist or Maker (if known).
  4. Mention the condition/state your artwork is in.
  5. Share the name of the publication-year-title-location if any information has been published about the artwork in the past.

Auction estimates for artworks that we consider appropriate for our future auctions will then be shared with you by an Alturaash’s specialist, who will be in touch with you at the earliest to discuss estimates, advise on-sale dates and explain the Consignment Agreement.

Please Note:

  • If you submit your item for review with us, you are under no obligation to sell with Alturaash.
  • All estimates are provisional and are subject to revision/change on the first-hand inspection by a specialist.

Agreeing to Estimates and Reserves:

Alturaash will set a low and high estimate range for each artwork with you. Estimates are based on extensive market research which includes auction records of the sale of similar (same artist) artworks in past auctions.

Information related to final set estimates is published in the auction catalog and will be publicly available to potential buyers.

Alturaash will also share a reserve price with you for each artwork. This will be an amount that the consignor and auctioneer both agree on. This amount must be equal to, or lower than the low estimate. If the bidding ends before it reaches the reserve price, the property will not be sold.

This amount will not be published or shared with anyone other than the consigner and auctioneer.


The commission is calculated on each item as a fixed percentage based on the eventual hammer price at auction

Our commission is 10% of the Winning Bid amount, which is deducted from the payment made by the Buyer.

Consignment Agreement for Confirmation to Sell:

Before you sell your artwork with Alturaash, you will need to sign a Consignment Agreement. This is the contract that confirms the services, outlines the fee structure and the terms and conditions of sale and fees for services such as insurance, framing, restoration, and shipping between you and Alturaash.

Once the Consignment Agreement is signed, Alturaash will take handover of the artwork and documents for photography, cataloging, and physical viewings (for auction previews).


Once you have signed your Consignment Agreement, you should arrange for the item to be delivered to our business seat in the United Arab Emirates. Alturaash can assist with this, or we can put you in contact with trusted local shippers or you may use your own shipper.

  • Please do not send artworks to us for review for the initial process, only the images of artworks and documents are sufficient.

Please also note that Alturaash does not authenticate objects or artworks submitted, and does not accept liability. Alturaash gives no representation, warranty, or guarantee with respect to an item's origin, provenance, attribution, condition, date, age, or authenticity.

Our specialists will coordinate every detail, from cataloging your property to marketing it to prospective buyers worldwide.


To Register with us or If you can’t find what you are looking for or have any questions or require specific assistance, contact us via email at 

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