Alturaash Art Publication Department intends to create the finest art books produced within the field of modern and contemporary Indian and Middle Eastern fine arts. Backed by extensive research, primary and secondary study, archival backup, and rare photographs, these high-quality books will no doubt become collector’s items. The Alturaash Art Publication Department is led by eminent scholars and researchers who combine historical information with anecdotal to arrive at a narrative that is easy and immensely pleasurable to view and read, even for the lay reader.

There is meticulous attention to detail, from the choice of titles and covers to the content and design of each book. Robust efforts are made to help the reader and viewer to understand the complexity of artistic works with useful pointers and discussion points highlighted throughout to facilitate understanding.

In the future, the publication program for books is expected to be expanded to include children’s books on art and artists, artist biographies, facsimile editions, and a range of books that cover the extensive span of art practice.


GIRL WITH BALLOONS 2020 Stainless steel discs Painted stainless steel discs


The Alturaash Magazine is an international bi-monthly art and culture magazine that covers modern and contemporary art from around the world. This spans visual artwork, photography, architecture, fashion, and design. With the launch of an Art & Lifestyle magazine for the entire Middle East, we are focusing on awareness about art, the financial aspect, and its current affair.

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